Welcome to the yearly fMRI course in Utrecht

The yearly fMRI course for researchers will take place 23-26 October 2018 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The 4-day full course will comprise a three-day basic fMRI course intended for researchers that are new to fMRI, and has an additional advanced fourth day, where three parallel advanced theoretical and practical sessions will be offered. The 3-day basics course and the 1½ day advanced topics can also be booked separately. Lectures and supervision are provided researchers from UMC Utrecht, Utrecht University and guest lecturers from other universities. The course is organized by Brain Science Tools BV, a UMC Utrecht spinoff company, commissioned by the Brain Center Rudolf Magnus, UMC Utrecht.

This course is accessible to researchers worldwide, and intended for researchers entering the field of fMRI. The course consists of theoretical sessions and supervised hands on practical sessions on every day. For the practicals, SPM12 is used for data analysis through a number of assignments. You will need to bring your own laptop with a Matlab licence. Go to 'course information' to read more about the course. 

The course will take place at Hotel Mitland in Utrecht. Details on the course venue can be found here.

Registration is now open!

To participate in the practical sessions, please note that you are yourself responsible for bringing a laptop and Matlab with a valid license installed! We can not arrange that for you. Most imaging institutes have matlab licenses from The Mathworks available, you need it for your (upcoming) imaging work anyway. Matlab is not free, you need to purchase it. Licensing options are here. Or ask your institutional IT department, chances are good they have it available for you.

When you have questions, please contact info@fmricourse.nl and we will get back to you.

*Please note: we at Brain Science Tools BV  as the course host will store and process your data securily and fully in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. To read our full Privacy Statement, click here